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About Us

Rent-A-Blackbelt ®


Our Mission is to provide Project Management with world-class certified Six Sigma Black and capabilities

to corporations on a project-to-project basis.  We have seasoned professionals that have backgrounds in

program management, engineering management, new product development, government, healthcare, IT,

and many other industries.  Our skill set is to control costs and enable growth with companies achieving

higher revenues on the journey delivering program management and product to market.  Let our team of

certified Lean Six Sigma experts and certified PMP Project Managers help you achieve your stronger ROI

while honing your focus on market capability and position.


In 2013 our company was created through the mentorship of Six Sigma Management Institute's, Dr. Mikel Harry ® to his colleague Manny Barriger.  Our Project Management program is based upon Vanderbilt University's graduate Engineering Management program in 2022.


We actively take part in Vanderbilt University ‘The Wond’ry idea and innovation center mentorship programs.


Currently, Manny Barriger holds an advanced engineering degree from Vanderbilt University, and is the only Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Blackbelt in the world who has been trained by the top two people in the field of Process Improvement – Dr. Mikel Harry, and Forrest W. Breyfogle III. 


Initially, people ask, "Why Rent-A-Blackbelt ®?"  The purpose is to provide Lean Six Sigma results without having to hire the staff.  Our team delivers world-class results that are quick and painless, and when the project is complete we leave, we are always there when you need us in the future! 


Mr. Manny Barriger

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